Frequently Asked Questions Mobile Spray Tan

What is mobile tanning and how does it work? Is it safe?

The Tanning Angel comes to your house, work or desired location for any occassion. We use the latest organic tanning solutions to apply your tan to give you the most natural looking UV free tan available. Our products are the best quality tanning solutions on the market containing DHA that are safe and approved by the FDA. This service is HUGE in Australia and New Zealand. They have always been ahead of the USA on skin care and prevention of skin cancer.

Will I turn orange or have streaks?

NO! This is not 1989! Tanning Angel will instruct you on what you need to do to ensure you obtain a gorgeous streak free tan. But this also depends highly on how well you have prepared your skin beforehand. Refer to the tips page to ensure you are familiar with how to prepare your skin before during and after the tanning process

How long will my tan last?

Our product will last between 5-14 days depending on the individual. The tan slowly fades just like a tan that you get from the sun or tanning bed. Make sure to extend your tan with our tan extender lotion.

What areas of Sydney do you cover?

On call most days till very late, the Tanning Angel covers *majority of Sydney including Northern, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Western Sydney.
*Areas 20kms outside of Strathfield will incur a travel surcharge
* Public holidays will incur an additional $10 call out fee
Call to discuss if you are unsure about your location

Can I still get a Spray Tan if Pregnant or have a Medical Condition?

Most people are suitable to have a spray tan. We suggest that pregnant women in the first trimester and those with severe Asthma or with very sensitive skin refrain from spray tanning. (IF YOU SUFFER FROM DIABETES A LETTER IS REQUIRED FROM YOUR GP PRIOR TO TAN, DUE TO THE SUGAR CONTENT FOUND IN TANNING SOLUTIONS. PLEASE CHECK WITH GP PRIOR TO TAN, IF YOU SUFFER ANY RESPRITORY PROBLEMS, OR SKIN CONDITIONS YOU FEEL WOULD AFFECT THE RESULT OF YOUR TAN)

If you suffer from any skin condition such as Eczema, we recommend you obtain a patch test first, if you have never had a spray tan before.

8hr Self tanning lotions you apply at home and 8hr spray tans are perfectly safe for you and your baby. 8hr tanning lotions work by tanning the top layers of dead skin cells. The active ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a three-carbon sugar that is non-toxic and therefore is not harmful to you or your baby. DHA works by interacting with your dead skin cells to produce brown pigment called melanoidin. DHA does not go beyond this layer of cells and is not absorbed into the body. All the ingredients used in 8hr tanning lotions have been approved as safe by the FDA. DHA used in the majority of tanning lotions has been around for about 40 years. If it had any side affects to you during pregnancy, I am sure we would be aware of it by now.

If you are a little worried about the fumes you may inhale during a spray tan, It’s best to wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes. For breast-feeding mothers I would advise not applying tanning lotion or spray tan to the breast area.

NB: I do not support 2hr Rapid if you are pregnant.

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