1) Please be on time for your appointment. If you're running late, please show some courtesy and notify your spray tanner.

2) Please prepare an area in your house in advance, where your spray tanner can work from, with close proximity to a power point, strong lighting (preferably a room with white lighting not yellow) and an extension cord if required.

3) Payment on hand, as credit cards are not accepted.

4) Respect for your spray tanner's time as they often have travelled in peak hour traffic to reach you on time and will need to leave for the next appointment without any delay.

5) As a courtesy, please notify your spray tanner if there is parking on site to avoid delay and parking fines.

6) If you have pets, ensure they are locked away temporarily to avoid inhaling of tanning solution.

7) Your Spray tanner will almost always follow up with a call the next day to obtain feedback on your tan; we love to get your feedback (both positive or negative).

8) You follow the strict instructions given to you about when to wash your tan off and after care guidelines.

9) Be sure to have showered, exfoliated, shaven/ waxed and devoid of any perfumes or deodorant prior to getting your spray tan.

10) Lastly, remember this is probably the only 30 minutes you'll get to yourself, so focus on enjoying being pampered and not on your body image.


Cancelling Appointments

We understand there can be some unexpected events which may prevent you from keeping your appointment. While we do kindly ask you to provide at least 4 hours’ notice to cancel, please give as much notice as you can. This gives us sufficient time to reshuffle the appointment diary, travelling time and clients.

Should you not inform us of your cancellation then we reserve the right to charge the full rate. We have a number of clients on the waiting list who will gladly fill the spot, in the unlikely event that you cannot make it and have to reschedule.


The terms of use statement applies to all Tanning Angel products, services and information on this website.

Skin Conditions

Tanning Angel uses Renault Naturals, formulators and manufacturers of Natural and Organic skin care products made with certified organic ingredients and is not tested on animals. Some people may react negatively to the tan. If you have eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, or any other skin ailments, please request your tanning technician to patch test your skin before having your spray tan. Your technician can test a patch on the inside of your elbow or behind the knee.

Tan Duration

Your Tanning Angel Tan duration will vary from client to client. The spray tan usually lasts between 7 – 10 days. The timing will vary depending on your skin cycle and your preparation prior to your tan.

Refusal of Service

Tanning Angel Technicians have the right to refuse service. If our technicians decide it is unsuitable to spray tan a client, they can refuse to service a client.

Surface Discolouration

All tanning solutions used by the Tanning Angel is water soluble and comes off floors and tiles under normal conditions. Discolouration may occur on some surfaces that have lost their protective cover.


Your spray tanner will not take responsibility for the way in which the tan develops if you have failed to comply with the instructions given to you by your tanner. The quality of your tan may vary from week to week depending on; the suppleness of your skin, how well you have exfoliated prior, if you have an existing skin condition or if you didn't wash off your tan within the recommended time frame.

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